Basics for Beginners

Learning the basics of yoga can be challenging in large group classes and we at Heart and Soul of Yoga know that. We recognize that sometimes it can be intimidating learning something new, especially when you are unsure of the postures, if you have an injury that prevents you doing certain movements or if you’re just dealing with limited flexibility, so we provide a supportive environment where you can ask questions and really get to know your body in the yoga postures, we introduce you to props and give tips on how to get into even the most challenging poses in a way that suits you; offering modifications for every body type.


I was looking for a yoga studio where I could learn the fundamentals of yoga without making a fool of myself or being in a class with a bunch of experts when I myself was just a beginner… Vanessa, you were so nice and very patient and fun and encouraged me to try new poses every class. Thank you!  Heart and Soul of Yoga is now my go to yoga studio in Astoria.” – Marie L., Astoria




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