Privates and Semi-Privates by Request:

We offer privates and semi-privates by request only, we do not offer group or regularly scheduled classes.

Whatever your current relationship to yoga, if you are a beginner, a seasoned practitioner or simply someone who has questions about your practice, private yoga classes can be the stepping stone to a much more fulfilling yoga experience.  In a group setting, it is virtually impossible to give everyone what they need out of a yoga class, not only are we each unique in our make-up, but day-to-day our energy levels change.  So increasingly, the onus is on you, the student, to customize this setting in a way that speaks to your needs.

Whilst classes now offered all over the country run the gamut from hot and vigorous to chill and restful, anyone who takes classes regularly knows that your needs can change from day to day. Big events like an injury or getting pregnant can make a wholesale change of practice imperative, but even smaller things can impact your choices. If you start to feel a twinge of discomfort, have low energy on a particular day or even just a sense that what you are doing is no longer ‘hitting the spot’, knowing how to adjust your practice accordingly can make the difference between continuing with modifications or stopping entirely out of frustration.

Private classes don’t have to be a long term proposition, more likely, they are an opportunity to educate yourself in ways to get the most out of group classes. They can give you insight into what works for you, help you cope with an injury or life change like pregnancy, or simply lay the groundwork for a safe and satisfying future practice that addresses your individual requirements.

Come knowing nothing or having very specific requirements, we will be lead by you.  We are not here to tell you what is right, we are here to give you options, keep you safe, help you prevent injury and teach you to read your own body and trust your instincts with regard to what works.

“A busy performing artist and educator, I have found the practice of yoga to be both a discipline for maintaining balance in my life, and an empowering means of self discovery. But at first, though I had realized yoga’s potential as a practice, I hadn’t found a place where I felt safe to be uninhibited and vulnerable. I’ve spent my life in ‘classes’, conditioned to ‘keep up’ and ‘get it right’. Yoga instructors everywhere encourage us to be comfortable to move at our ‘own pace’, but it was never clear to me what that even meant. I knew that I needed something different; a place where I believed I was safe; where I was able to take what I had learned and practice safely on my own outside of the studio. I sought not just an affordable yoga practice, but one with clear communication and guidance, with attention to each individual. That’s why I now go to Heart and Soul of Yoga.” – Tristan M., Astoria


Transmission Meditation (free to all):

Meditation in all its forms is the forging of a greater connection between the soul and its vehicle – the individual in incarnation.  There are countless ways that this can be achieved, however Transmission Meditation is unique in that it is not only a potent form of group service that aids in the healing and transformation of our planet, but also advances our own spiritual growth in the process.

A powerful Kriya Yoga, Transmission Meditation is a cross between Karma Yoga (the yoga of service) and Laya Yoga (the yoga of the centers or chakras).  Participants act as conduits, in group formation for spiritual energy, sent by the Masters of Wisdom, so that energy can be stepped down to a level that it can be useful constructively for the mass of humanity.  For more on Transmission Meditation click here.

Please note that Transmission Meditation though easily performed and accessible to all is not the same as the meditation we practice in yoga classes.  Transmission Meditation is a very specific form of group service with active groups all over the world, including New York City in Manhattan, Brooklyn and this one which meets at Heart and Soul of Yoga in Astoria.

If you wish to attend Transmission Meditation, and have not done so before, call us and we will give you details of how to attend and if you wish can add you to the mailing list detailing all Transmission Meditation opportunities in the greater New York City area.

Transmission Meditation is held at Heart and Soul of Yoga every Monday evening 7:30-9:30 pm and for 4 hrs one Saturday (or very occasionally, Sunday) a month (closest to the full moon) – usually, 12-4 pm.

For more information on Transmission Meditation and the Share International Network, go to or

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