Heart and Soul of Yoga in Astoria

At Heart and Soul of Yoga, we focus on a truly private and semi-private yoga experience (we do not offer group classes).  Ideal for those who want a more personalized yoga practice – those new to yoga or wanting to address injuries are particularly suited to our approach, but also those seeking a deeply mindful practice away from the busy-ness of the everyday world.  Our intimate setting serves to aid your journey inward and our experienced and dedicated teachers help you explore your needs with an approach that is wide ranging, non-dogmatic, all-inclusive and completely compatible with your current beliefs.

Historically, yoga was taught one-on-one.  Cognizant of this we don’t offer you a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we work with you to find your unique path, taking into account your physical state and your aspirations. Union of body and spirit can come in so many ways, so our privates can incorporate asana (physical postures), pranayama (freeing of the breath), yogic philosophy (the theory behind our physical and energetic existence and how we end our suffering) and meditation (stilling of the mind and resultant experience of relaxation and peace).  Whatever, you are drawn to, we can shed light, help you explore, give you the tools to follow your own path with greater knowledge and confidence in what you are capable of.

ISHTA, (where many of our teachers were trained) directly translated from Sanskrit means ‘individualized’, so we favor the use of props to facilitate the poses for all shapes, sizes and flexibilities. We offer modifications for those with injuries, help our prenatal students gracefully transition through pregnancy and beyond, and all with an eye on what is right for you. Yoga helps us all to honor who we are physically, emotionally and spiritually, aligning us to our true nature, allowing us to evolve, heal and grow.

If you are drawn to work with one of our teachers, call or e-mail to discuss an individual approach.

We look forward to working with you. Namaste.

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